Drawing can be a powerful tool in online (or in-person) classes to differentiate, scaffold, and engage students in learning! Today, I will be sharing my first tutorial on how to draw a cartoon turkey for Thanksgiving or just for fun!

Sorry that a little bit of the drawing is not visible for a few seconds in the first video – I’m still working on camera positioning!

Part 1: Body and Face

  1. Draw the neck and 5 loops
  2. Draw a circular body
  3. Draw two wings and two legs (shorters wings and legs = cuter)
  4. Connect the neck to make the head and two circles for the eyes (bigger head and eyes = cuter)
  5. Draw two smaller circles inside of the eyes and color them slightly so that there are two crescent-shaped white spaces in the upper right-hand corner
  6. Draw the beak with two dots in the middle – I would make the beak bigger than it is in the video
  7. Draw a small banana-shaped flap of skin on the left side (apparently it’s called a “snood”!)

Part 2: Feathers

  1. Draw 5 (or however many) dots around the turkey to decide where you want each feather to end. I did this to make it easier to draw the feathers symmetrically in class
  2. Connect the dots during class
  3. To make the feathers look less like leaves, you can actually make the edges round rather than pointy
  4. If you want, add color, lines, words, or shapes inside! I use simple lines because they are quick and don’t use up too much of my markers

How to Use As a Reward System:

I draw everything but the feathers before class and add the feathers during class, but you could also draw one body part at a time! I use it to discuss:

  1. Colors (Which color do you want?)
  2. Size (Do you want a large, medium-sized, or small feather?)
  3. Counting (How many feathers does the turkey have?)

You could even write words in the feathers – I saw another teacher ask students what they are thankful for!

Let me know if you try it out!


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