Want your Outschool class cover photos to be engaging, dynamic, high-quality, and most importantly…

…reflective of you as a teacher?

My Outschool cover photo creations include:

  • Guidance on picking and/or taking an excellent photo of yourself even if you don’t have a professional camera (if you wish to include yourself in the cover photo)!
  • Personalization on how you want each cover to look – serious or fun, simple or exciting, and anywhere in between!
  • High-quality backgrounds and/or clipart that will make your class stand out at first glance


Pricing listed here is subject to change depending on overall demand, workload, etc.

  • 1-3 cover photos: $15 each
  • 4-5 cover photos: $12 each
  • Over 5 cover photos: price will vary
    • As more than 6 photos (and particularly an entire class collection) requires significantly more time and effort, I will consider the total amount of cover photos needed and the desired photo complexity to come up with a fair price.

Example Photos

Interested in a quote?

Send me an email with the the title ‘Outschool photos’ and the number of class images you are interested in or any questions you might have. We’ll go from there!

Note: If you would like for your class image to contain any copyrighted images from movies, books, etc., I will only be able to create a cover image for that class if you have written permission to use the image in your cover image.

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