Once I got accepted to Outschool, it was time to request a class listing.

Outschool is an online teaching platform where you can teach (just about) any subject you want via Zoom.


For an FAQ and how to apply, check out Part 1 of my series.

If you’re wondering…

What do I need to include when requesting to list a class on Outschool?

Do I have to submit a lesson plan for each class?

How can I increase the likelihood that my class will be accepted the first time?

Read on for more information!

Teaching with Outschool 2020 - How to Request a Class Listing

Outschool 2020 Post Series

  • Part 1 – FAQ and My Experience Applying
  • This Post – How To Request a Class Listing (That Will Be Accepted)
  • Part 3 – My First Class Pre-K Spanish Class – The Good and The Bad

I also plan on covering:

  • How my first live class went (teaching Pre-K Spanish)
  • How to brainstorm class ideas
  • My plan for building a teacher brand
  • and more!

Before I completed those areas, however, it helped me to look ahead and know what I’d need to submit for whichever class(es) I wanted to teach.

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Requesting Listings

Which types of classes can you request for your very first class?

In short, Outschool has 4 primary types of classes:

  • One-time classes
    • A standalone class (pretty self-explanatory!)
  • Multiday classes 
    • A “block” of classes (such as 4 classes, once a week) that build on one another
  • Ongoing classes 
    • These classes have a regular schedule but they do not build on one another and students can jump in anytime
  • Flex classes
    • There is no required live instruction, but should involve recorded educational videos, discussion posts, and other ways to engage students as they work at their own pace

Before you can list a flex class or 1:1 tutoring, you FIRST have to list and teach at least 1 live class.

While your live class may only end up having 1 learner, you have to list at least 2 learners as your minimum (and up to 18 learners total), but the average class size is between 3-8 students.

What Needs To Be Included In Your Listing

Outschool looks for these categories to be filled:

Required Categories:
  • Summary
  • Subject
  • Course Type
  • Cover Image
    • What will be taught?
    • What topics will you cover?
    • How is your class structured?
    • How will you teach?
    • What’s your teaching style?
    • How much will learners get to interact with you and each other (mention specifics like: lecture, games, slides, video clips, discussion)?
    • Any required experience or knowledge learners need?
Optional Categories:
  • Homework
  • Assessment
  • Outside Work
  • Teacher Expertise (Required for Sensitive Topics)
  • Learner Supply List

You also have to select your student age group, class size, course duration, and pricing, but I will be going over these areas more in detail in a future post.

You do not have to submit a lesson plan to Outschool when listing a class!

However, you’ll want to know how you plan on teaching the lesson so that you can accurately describe the class to parents when you list it.

You can also edit these areas once it has been approved.

Breakdown of Each Category

  • Summary: a one-sentence description of the class
  • Subject: World languages, Math, etc.
  • Course Type: a one-time class is best to start with as a new Outschool teacher, but you could do ongoing or
  • Cover Image: You can use a picture you already have or choose an image online that is not copyrighted and free to use commercially
    • Pixabay has high-quality pictures available!
  • Topics to Include:
    • You can cover most or all of the questions above, but you mainly want to make it clear what their students should expect.
  • Learning Goals (optional): You can describe what student(s) will learn during the class
  • Homework (optional): You don’t have to assign homework, but you can if you want to!

Sample One-Time Outschool Class – My Pre-K Spanish Class

Here is my class listing that was approved the first time I submitted it.

Note: Outschool has a policy regarding copying other teacher’s classes, so please don’t directly copy mine or anyone else’s course!

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 11.23.43 AM
My Outschool Class Title, Summary, and Cover Image
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 11.26.12 AM
Sample Outschool Class Description

You don’t have to write this much for your class, however, I found that it was difficult for me not to write a good amount once I knew the main framework of the class!

You could also copy and paste the questions from ‘Topics to Include’ outline and answer them in that order as well.

Outschool also provides sample class descriptions for each type of class and many other resources for teachers as they are brainstorming and listing classes!

Copy of Untitled Design (4)

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