Every year, I look forward to the decorations, songs, and other festive imagery that we only get to experience during Christmastime.

Even the holidays can be used to enrich and engage Spanish learners at home, in the classroom, or virtually.

What better way to celebrate language and La Navidad than with coloring?

These Spanish Christmas vocabulary worksheets inspire creativity and learning!

Note: For a winter-themed version of this product, check out my Winter Spanish Vocabulary Coloring Page Set.

Spanish Christmas Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets

Full Worksheet Set Description

This full, 19-page worksheet set on Teachers Pay Teachers includes bilingual, full immersion, text and no text:

  • Word Match & Coloring Sheet – Spanish & English
    • 2 Versions of 12 squares
    • 2 Versions of 9 squares
  • Word Match & Coloring Sheet – Spanish Only
    • 2 Versions of 12 squares
    • 2 Versions of 9 squares
  • Answer Key
  • Coloring Sheet Only
    • 2 Versions of 12 squares
    • 2 Versions of 9 squares
  • 4 Blank Templates

These worksheet variations allow you to differentiate for various ages and Spanish proficiency levels.

The pictures and vocabulary in this set include:

  • star
  • ornament
  • Santa
  • candy cane
  • Christmas tree
  • gingerbread man
  • fire place
  • stocking
  • elf
  • wreath
  • snow globe
  • gift

How to Use


If you are using a text version, you’ll be able to match the pictures to the correct words from the text box above.

Don’t forget to color!

Each word version of these worksheets will come with a visual answer key.

For coloring, I used the following colors:

  • Boxes: green and red
  • Clipart: brown, yellow, tan, purple, blue, green and red

Speaking Practice

Learners can sing, chant, whisper, or yell the words while they’re coloring!

Some sentences that can be used with these vocabulary words include:

  1. “Veo un/una/unos/unas ________.” (I see a/an ________.)
  2. “Me gusta el/la/los/las ___________.” (I like the _______.)
  3. “Tengo un/una/unos/unas ____ en mi casa/apartamento.” (I have a/an ____ in my house/apartment)


Either before, during, or after coloring, you can also practice:

  • colors
  • numbers
  • body parts
  • names
  • shapes
  • personal preferences

Where to Purchase

You can purchase this full 19-page differentiated set on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you would like to purchase one sheet for personal use (coloring yourself, family activity, etc.) I’m working on getting my online store up! For now, you can contact me for pricing.

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